I’m taking a Tumblr break for a bit less than a month to get some stuff done.

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seems like things aren’t going as planned

harry potter and the chamber of secrets

Thor: The Dark World + Scenery


Remember when…

Nick Jonas “Rocks the Boat” at Surprise Middle School Visit . (x)


doctor who meme | nine scenes [4/9]
ten and martha in “last of the timelords”

80/100 - 100 Pictures from Filming Supernatural

80/100 - 100 Pictures from Filming Supernatural




pls give me a franchise where, when a good female character turns evil, she is not immediately dressed in a bondage-inspired outfit that is 2 strips of leather and a thong and instead dresses in sensible jeans and combat boots and a comfy jacket because hello, evil agenda here, there’s no time to be objectified, world domination is priority


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I don’t really look around and say, ‘I’ve made it.’ I just look around and think how fortunate I am to work with the people I’m working with.

Someone finally notices Hannibal’s cannibal jokes.